Since 2006 our ISO certified company provides ground transportation for more than 500 companies and frequent travelers each month. And this number can’t be wrong.


We provide an unrivaled standard of expertise and professionalism. We are discrete, trustworthy, courteous and reliable. We can confidently claim that Bucharest by Car is, for many, the premier driving force.


Having driven the majority of deluxe and executive vehicles currently available, and with our enhanced drivers training in off road, defensive and evasive driving techniques, coupled to diplomatic and convoy training, our fleet provides an impresive tool that fully complements the skills of our professional chauffeurs.

Innovation – Bucharest by Car

We understand the needs of our customers and we combine a multi-package of innovations with 365/24/7 multi-lingual dispatch, free reservation app for IOS & Android devices, trained customer care, real time flight monitoring system and full control of our fleet.

BUCHAREST BY CAR8 years of experience