Mercedes goes big

Mercedes X-Class

The new Mercedes X-Class

As Auto Express mentions, Mercedes is building a large pick-up truck. It is set to hit the streets of the UK somewhere towards the end of next year. The new X-Class is being built on the robust ladder frame platform shared with the Nissan Navara and Renault Alaskan pick-ups.

With an ordinary, chunky pick-up body, a quick glimpse at the classic Mercedes-style front end and interior design quickly reminds you that this is not just another rusty “hit the mud and carry the firewood” playground truck, but rather a Powerful Adventurer or a Stylish Explorer, two perfect names chosen wisely to show that, on top of raw power and terrain accessibility, you do get your fair share of comfort and style, as one would expect from such a luxurious brand.

Is there room for luxury in the world of mud-covered roaring monsters? Why not decide for yourself?

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