GROW UP – The most comprehensive MERCEDES BENZ campaign so far!

grow up

Grow Up, the latest Mercedes Benz campaign, is the most complex so far, according to the most important players in the auto market. At first glance, the message is a simple one that has raised many eyebrows: “grow up, engage, form a family!” However, after viewing the ads included in the campaign, real cinematic jewels that seem to be short […]

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Means of transportation – the history of motion

means of transportation

Since ancient times, man needed transport to survive and to secure his goods, food, and living conditions. The means of transportation have become a vital part of everyday life and have defined mankind over the millennia, basically putting the foundations of modern times and cities. Permanent establishment in a certain area has immediately revealed its shortcomings: the continued exposure to […]

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Mercedes Benz Romania – dream trip from the heart of Transylvania to Bucharest

Mercedes Benz Romania posted a wonderful video on their Facebook account, showing us a small part of the beauty of our country, combined with the elegance and modernism of Mercedes cars. They started on an almost initiatory journey, we could say, from Graz, they crossed Transylvania, a land anchored in traditions and folklore, in order to eventually reach central Bucharest. The brilliant […]

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New Yorker’s first time in Bucharest


There is no novelty in the fact that both our country and its capital, Bucharest, are being visited by foreigners who appreciate our natural beauties, tourist attractions, resorts, hotels and nightlife. Just in the last 5 years, the number of foreign visitors has doubled, and specialists say that this is just the beginning. Louis is a New York based blogger passionate about […]

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TOP 15 places to visit in Romania during spring


TOP 15 places to visit in Romania during spring Spring is one of the best moments to discover the beauties of our country. After winter, there’s always something new to see. Nature regenerates, blossoms and teams with life and color. Temperatures are well within the comfort zone, perfect for trips and walks at any time of the day, without having […]

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Why Mercedes-Benz?


“Nothing but the best” is our motto here at Bucharest By car! This is why we chose the best of the best to provide our vehicles, for an astonishing and safe experience! Here are 7 reasons why we use Mercedes-Benz vehicles: 1. Service and support Mercedes-Benz is an international organization, offering support nearly everywhere. Your satisfaction is our primary concern, […]

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Easter in Romania


Easter is the oldest and most important holiday of the Christian religion. It gave people hope of salvation and eternal life, through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the Resurrection being, as one of our great priests once said, the only miracle that shows to everyone, believers and unbelievers. Easter is about remembering the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The New Testament […]

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Cesar Millan – Once Upon a Dog Tour 2017 – a great experience!

Cesar Millan

Cesar Millan arrived in Bucharest on the 21st of march, including our capital city in “Once Upon a Dog Tour 2017”. Bucharest by Car greeted him on the airport for a safe and comfortable ride.  (Photo Gallery – HERE) Cesar Millan is more than just a dog trainer, even though he became famous with the “Dog Whisperer” TV show. He worked with hundreds of […]

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Safety first


Most of the times when we hop in a car we take driving for granted. We don’t think too much about the risks lurking on the roads and what the driver needs to do to eliminate or reduce these risks, in order to ensure passenger safety. Appearances, however, can be deceiving. From the moment he unlocks the car, until the moment he locks it […]

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Interesting facts about Romania


Having a hard time deciding where to go on vacation? We might just come up with a solution for you! Romania is a little piece of paradise in south-eastern Europe. Romania might not be well known, but it is most definitely interesting to visit. Here are a few facts about this amazing country: It got its name from the Latin word “Romanus” […]

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