Our acceptance of your reservation implies that you agree to be bound by these terms & conditions, and governed by the laws of Romania.

 Airport transfer

For your convenience, we offer a fixed price service to and from the country’s main international airports. This applies to both chauffeur only and vehicle and chauffeur hire services.


Plans do change and we ask that you let us know at the earliest opportunity. Should you cancel on the day, we regret that the full value of the reservation will become due as a cancellation fee. Give us more than 24 hours notice and no fee will be levied.


Our fees and charges are calculated from the time our vehicles/chauffeurs leave our offices to the time they return. A full tariff sheet is available upon request along with our colour brochure. We are pleased to provide both verbal and written quotations.


Having been providing our services for more than five years and to many longstanding clients, our complaints experience has been minimal. However, we are only human and errors can occur, if you have any issue please let us know at the earliest opportunity.


We fully appreciate that you may wish to work whilst in the vehicle or hold discussions with colleagues on sensitive issues. Your confidentiality is assured; what is said in the car stays in the car. However should you wish us to be bound by a signed confidentiality agreement, we will oblige.


Our chauffeur will arrive ten minutes before your agreed initial collection time, and they will make every effort to get you to your destination on time. However, unforeseen delays do occasionally occur and all endeavors will be made to reduce the impact of such a delay. Bucharest by Car does not accept responsibility for delays beyond its control.

 Food & drink

May be consumed within the vehicle provided no soiling occurs. Any such soiling, and that caused through excessive consumption or illness will be charged an additional flat rate cleaning fee – currently 100 Euros.


We appreciate that there are times when you need us for several days at a time, necessitating overnight accommodation for the chauffeur. On such occasions our charges will stop when duties for that day are concluded and will recommence at the time duties are required the following morning. In such circumstances we will arrange our chauffeur’s accommodation (typical: 3 star hotel/travel lodge with en-suite) for which you will be invoiced along with their meals for the duration.


Your safety, that of our chauffeur and our (or your) vehicle will be paramount, and as such our chauffeur will exercise his discretion in all matters to this regard.


For the comfort of all our guests all our vehicles are non smoking. Smoking breaks can be made on route as requested.


Our clients trust us to provide exceptional service and we in turn trust our clients to settle our invoices within 15 days of receipt. All journeys are recorded on a fully itemized invoice which is sent at the end of each calendar month. This ensures that you and your chauffeur can concentrate on the task at hand.