5 reasons why you should use our mobile app

bucharest by car mobile app

Bucharest by Car mobile app is more than just another mobile app.

We live in a fast-moving era, dominated by technology. We live for the moment and constantly chasing the “now”. With this mobile app we’re trying to find a balance between chasing opportunities and enjoying life. Easily find the best way to travel, whether it’s for business purposes or personal use, while enjoying a moment of relaxation, comfort and safety.

And, because we like to be transparent, we’ll give you five reasons why you should use Bucharest by Car mobile app.

  1. It’s EASY

Everybody has a smartphone. Techonology evolves so fast it’s hard to keep track, but one thing is for sure: mobile market will not stop growing too soon. Even when it comes to browsing websites, mobile apps overpowered the classic way of using desktops or tablets.

  1. It’s FAST

Almost everywhere you look around, there’s a WiFi network you can use for your smartphone. Downloading an app takes just a few moments and then, even if you’re in the city or at the airport, you can use our app to book a ride. Also, as a plus, it’s available both in Google Play and Apple Store.

  1. It’s SAFE

Unlike looking for a proper taxi driver or waiting a long time to find one by taxi apps on arrival at the airport,  on this one you’ll get Instant confirmation and 100% guaranty for all confirmed rides. This way, you’ll know even before going on a plane, that you’ll be expected at a certain place.


There have been many times when foreign citizens have complained about being tricked by taxi drivers. Even Romanian citizens had problems with some of them. We like to treat our clients with respect and that’s why we’re being completely transparent. With our mobile app there will be no hidden costs and our rates are fixed.


Many people have an issue with giving away their personal data, such as credit card details. While some of the transportation companies use this way of payment, we give our clients another way, by using any type of credit card to pay straight to the driver instead of asking for sensitive information.

There are many more reasons why you should use Bucharest by Car mobile app, but we think these are the most important. After all, all we want for our clients is for them to have a safe and easy ride, while enjoying a proper transportation service, safely, comfortable and relaxed!