Mediaeval castles, high peaks and incredible wildlife


Surrounded, and partially divided, by the high peaks of the Carpathian Mountains, the fabled, mountainous region of Transylvania in central Romania has become synonymous with Bram Stoker's Dracula, but on this wonderful seven-night guided holiday we leave fiction behind to uncover a beautiful country with a rich and fascinating history.

Highlights – Beautiful fairytale castles and traditional churches - such as the royal summer retreat of Peles and atmospheric Bran - set amongst spectacular Carpathian mountain scenery.

Peles Castle – a masterpiece and was served as a residence for the Royal family. The developing of Sinaia began once the construction of the famous Sinaia Monastery started in 1695 and it turned into an important settlement. There followed the construction of the railway (1879) and of the Peles Castle. Thus being one of the oldest urban mountain settlements in the country Sinaia was declared a town in 1880.

Cantacuzino Castle – was erected by prince Grigore Cantacuzino, nicknamed “Nababul” (“The Mogul”) and inaugurated in 1911. It was built in neo-Romanian style in stone and brick after the plans of the Romanian architect Grigore Cerchez and it covers a total surface of 3148 sqm. The interior decorations create a strong romantic ambience.

Bran Castle – The first historical reference of the  is a document issued on November 19th, 1377 by Ludwig I d’Anjou, by which Brasov’s inhabitants received the privilege of building  a fortress “at their own work and expense”. The Bran Castle was restored under the supervision of Karel Liman. In 1938 Queen Maria of Romania bequeathed the Bran Castle with all its domains to her daughter Princess Ileana, who owned it until 1948.

Before returning to Bucharest we also make a tour of Brasov where the dinner could be arranged, which according to historical references from 1234, was called Kronstadt. During the second half of the 14th century it was confirmed as the administrative and ecclesiastic center of the region of Tara Barsei, “the free Royal town”, one of the economic and cultural centers of Transylvania.