grow up

Grow Up, the latest Mercedes Benz campaign, is the most complex so far, according to the most important players in the auto market. At first glance, the message is a simple one that has raised many eyebrows: “grow up, engage, form a family!”

However, after viewing the ads included in the campaign, real cinematic jewels that seem to be short films included in a film festival rather than classic ads, you realize that the Mercedes Benz message is much more complex than at first glance.

The year is 2017, the world and ideas have evolved more than ever, and Mercedes Benz is not going to lag behind. What does a family, a job, a relationship or maturity itself mean? The people in the commercials are real life individuals, people with dilemmas and desires, people with complex experiences and problems, but they all have something in common: they try and finally find a way, having the courage to rediscover and evolve.

“With the Grow Up campaign, we have reinterpreted the traditional values, but also the way Mercedes Benz has so far been perceived, updating these perceptions and bringing them today, giving them a new value closer to the generations now” said Mercedes Benz’s Vice President of Marketing, Jens Thiemer.