Mercedes-Benz is one of the most important companies in the world with a rich history of events that marked the evolution of automobiles!

Mercedes-Benz worked up for years the curiosity of both fans and those who are eager to find out more about the history of a true legend, as this company is considered. And because at Bucharest by Car we use these vehicles and we have a lot of confidence in them we thought to offer you top 3 interesting facts about the German company, inviting you to read about the next 17 on Automarket website.

  1. Many have been wondering over time about the famous Mercedes-Benz logo. Well, it is very important and meaningful, being the symbol of the three spaces for which the German company produces engines: soil, water and air. The logo is now at its sixth version, appearing on every product of this brand since 1910.
  2. Although it has been thought for a good deal of time that the company name would be the name of Karl Benz’s daughter or the name of Gottlieb Daimler, this assumption is wrong! Benz-Daimler‘s first car was actually named 35 HP, but another businessman, Emil Jellinek, bought about twenty 35 HP cars in exchange for renaming the company after his daughter, Mercedes Jellinek.
  3. Although today the existence of electric cars is no longer an utopia, Mercedes-Benz has made history in this field too! In 1975, the company launched its first 100% electric bus called O3015. Although it was mainly used in the city of Esslingen, this German creation was tested in other cities such as Stuttgart, Esslinge and Wesel.

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