New Yorker’s first time in Bucharest

There is no novelty in the fact that both our country and its capital, Bucharest, are being visited by foreigners who appreciate our natural beauties, tourist attractions, resorts, hotels and nightlife. Just in the last 5 years, the number of foreign visitors has doubled, and specialists say that this is just the beginning.

Louis is a New York based blogger passionate about traveling. He travels all over the globe to destinations where he can access the internet and writes about his unique experiences on his blog. Bucharest was not among his common destinations, so expectations were not very high.

“The first impression of the city was that it was very beautiful, much nicer than I thought. Honestly, I thought it would be uglier with unheard-of buildings, but it’s really beautiful. I was pleasantly surprised. I hope to come back soon and find out more about the city, ” he says.

Last year, no less than half of our foreign tourists had the capital city of Romania, Bucharest, as their final destination, the main objective being the historical center of the capital. The Old City Center in Bucharest and the attractions in the area are even promoted in an editorial published in the “Travel” section of the British BBC website. “Tourists have many reasons to stay in Bucharest for at least several days”, says a British journalist, praising the efforts of the Romanian authorities to restore the historic center of the capital by setting up a delightful pedestrian district with “plenty of amusements to keep you busy enough during the day and enough bars and clubs to keep you up all night.”

But there are other places that tourists can discover in the capital, as well. Bogdan Săvulescu, tourist guide: “There are various tours, from the Communist Tours to the Jewish Tours, Hidden Parts of Bucharest Tours, or a tour that goes in the outskirts of Bucharest.”

Source: DIGI 24