Romania colored by February love

Initially Valentine’s day is known to be a miraculous event in Roman Empire centuries ago. According to legend, during his imprisonment Saint Valentine restored sight to the blind daughter of his judge, and before his execution he wrote her a letter signed “Your Valentine” as a farewell, the expression was later adopted by modern Valentine letters.

Nowadays Romania is beginner at this aspect, characterized by many controversies and traditional thinking that places ‘’Dragobetele’’as a official Valentine’s day. Even thought here you can find romantic spirit at this period of time.

With our limousine service we can cover your romantic trip for couples to :

Tunnel of Love – located between the cities of Otelu Rosu and Caransebes in Romania, Tunnel of Love has become a very popular destination for couples. Abandoned railway track gives a special vibe of vintage cinema love stories.

Targu Jiu – Home place of one of the most famous modern sculptural ensemble by Constantin Brancusi. The kiss gate followed by Table of Silence and Endless Column has become not only the symbols of Romanian art but also for natives is  an attractive way of spending beautiful moments with the closest ones.

Mocanita ( travel century ago) – Old Trains that have unique route through Maramures, Transylvania and Bucovina, keeps the spirit of classical voyage love. There you can feel the touch of romanian picturesque silence and experience the life of  19th century, time have no importance when you spend it with your special one.

Treasure of seaside – Opened beaches to Black Sea landscapes can be a perfect destination for a romantic day. Constanta and Gura Portitei also are the best places to be for an unforgettable moments in your love life. Escaping from city rush and routine, a well deserved bohemian silence and peaceful ambiance will help you to charge energy. Where else you  can celebrate love if not on the beach looking at the sunset.

Yes! And don’t forget to feel the love!