Most of the times when we hop in a car we take driving for granted. We don’t think too much about the risks lurking on the roads and what the driver needs to do to eliminate or reduce these risks, in order to ensure passenger safety.

Appearances, however, can be deceiving. From the moment he unlocks the car, until the moment he locks it back, the driver must consider and analyze a huge amount of scenarios, potential hazards, he must constantly verify and approximate the environment, so the safety of the ride is always at it’s highest.

Even before starting the engine, it is mandatory for any driver to make a visual and functional inspection of the vehicle, both for the external and internal elements of the vehicle.

On the exterior, the general integrity of the vehicle has to be checked, the proper operation of the signaling and illumination devices, the possible presence of liquid leakage traces, the correct tire pressure and the degree of wear, the integrity of the windscreen wipers and more.

On the inside of the car, the driver has to check the operation of controls and indicators (levers, buttons, pedals, steering wheel, dashboard indicators, mirrors, seat position), so as to ensure maximum safety of the ride.

Only after all these checks can the car be driven. Amazingly, the difficult part is just starting: when driving, there is always a certain risk of an crash to occur. At any speed, any incident can have serious consequences, so it is absolutely imperative that the driver permanently adapts the speed to traffic and weather conditions. At the same time, the driver must constantly be prepared for the worst case scenario: a truck entering your side of the road or a car swerving in front of the driver are real scenarios, and the reaction time is often minimal, or even nonexistent. Adapting the speed to road conditions and driving defensively minimizes risk and ensures a safe and comfortable environment for all passengers.

At Bucharest by Car, we know how important safety is for you and that’s why our professional drivers comply with all requirements and industry standards in this respect.